Saanghuro, A Film by Joes Pandey

Saanghuro, a Nepali movie with a risky and experimental story line – a heart touching story of newspaper seller.

How many Nepali movies have depicted stories of the poor working class and their problems? One might be able to count the number on their hands. The film industry and its audience have a habit of watching movies with glitz and glam, where good looking actors dance to groovy music, travel to picturesque locations and are muddled in larger-than-life drama.

However, in 2013, director Joes Pandey took a risk and delivered a psycho-social drama based on the problems faced by the working classes.

Saanghuro is a movie about Krishna (Shushank Mainali), a newspaper seller, who lives with his mother (Aruna Karki) in squalor. Krishna marries his lover Kamala (Deeya Maskey), a domestic helper. However their economical situation forces them to share a room with his mother; what unfolds is a psycho-social drama of how human lives are affected when needs go unfulfilled.


Sameer Mainali Production Presents
Movie : “Sanghuro”
Director : Joes Pandey
Producer : Sameer Mainali
Co- Producer : Mountain River Pvt.Ltd
Story / Screenplay : Binod Paudel
Cast : Daya Hang Rai, Shushank Mainali, Deeya Maskey, Aruna Karki
Rabi Gin, Gopal Acharya, Pushpa Acharya, Bijay Barl , Sameer Bagale, Buddhi Tamang,
Cinematography : Sushan Prajapati
Music /Vocal : Madan Gopal
Music Arrangement / Production : Udgam Pariyar
Lyrics : Abeeral Thapa
Sound Design / Final Mixing : Uttam Neupane
Background Score : Udgam Pariyar, Jibesh Shah
Editor : Anjjay Khadka
Colorist : Sudeep Shrestha
Make Up : Saroj Budhathoki