Kathaa, A Film by Prashant Rasaily

Making a love tragedy can be tricky because there are thousands of stories, poems, and movies written based on tragic love stories of two lovebirds. It’s just too obvious, predictable and often boring, so working with such a predictable story arc for a full feature-length movie is a difficult task. But the 2013 Nepali film Kathaa, directed by Prashant Rasaily, elevates romantic tragedy with a simple, heartfelt plot backed by powerful performances.

Kumari (played Usha Rajak) and Kancha (played by Saugat Malla) are two lovers living in a remote mountain village. While they can’t easily express their love through words, as both of them suffer speech disorder—Kancha has a stammer and Kumari is mute, their love for each other is beautifully depicted. A series of unfortunate events take place, which creates trouble in their love story.

Have snacks to munch, some tissues and be ready to burst in tears while watching Kathaa.