Who Will Be a Gurkha | a film by Kesang Tseten

The Brigade of Gurkhas has been a special unit within the British army for 200 years. Boys are recruited for the unit in the mountain villages of Nepal. In Who Will Be a Gurkha, director Kesang Tseten observes how the aspiring soldiers’ physical condition, intelligence and motivation are all put to the test. Tough selection isn’t only a matter of fitness and muscle power, but also of the right mental preparation. The Gurkhas are known for their courage and fighting spirit, and they fight, in areas of conflict such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Kesang Tseten is a one of the celebrated documentary filmmakers who has introduced Nepal through his documentaries. He has directed more than a dozen documentaries depicting every facet of Nepali society. ‘Who Will Be a Gurkha’ is no exception where he depicts the struggle of thousands of Nepali youngsters who compete to be the part of British Army. It has screened at several national and international film festivals and also bagged numerous awards; First Prize and Audience Award at Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival.