Pramod Kharel’s New Dancing Song-Video Featuring Bhimphedi Guys

Pramod Kharel’s New Dancing Song has been released and the Video Features Bhimphedi Guys with Binu Shakya. Nakaiko tuppo maa… titled song / video is a presentation of Dikshya creration by Pramod Kharel. The song written by Rabiman Singh Basnyat is composed by Tika Bomjan.

Actors : BHIMPHEDI GUYS, Binu Shakya and Prince Bomjan
Cinematography: Gyanendra Sharma Humagai
Editing: Bikash Gyawali
Direction and choreoghraphy: Nirmal Lama

Music Arranger : Sanjiv Baraily
Mixing and Mastering: prakash mishra
Studio : Acaustic studio ktm


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