The Outlaw: A New Action Thriller

Bikki Maharjan’s debut film “The Out Law” has been announced, with the release of its first look poster and theme teaser. The film is an action thriller that follows a character who does not follow the law and is targeted towards young audiences.

Sushil Shrestha will star as the lead in the film, with debut actress Shiksha Sangraula as his romantic interest. The film also features Naresh Paudyal, Suman Bhandari, Hem Gurung, Vishal Pahari, and Mahesh Tripathi, and is being produced by Retro Group.

Vinod Kadayat serves as the executive producer, with investment from Shashank Khadka and Amit Agrahari. Shooting for “The Out Law” is set to begin on the 21st of Paush, with a budget of approximately 2 crore rupees and plans for a release during the upcoming Dashain festival. The film is being shot by Naveen Gurung.