Actor / Director Nischal Basnet gets Pranked

Nischal Basnet an actor and director gets pranked by his wife Swastima Khadka and Aayush Rimal. Watch Here, Nischal’s Reactions! 😉


Shree Gurung, who is friend of Nischal Basnet invites him to meet his college friend, when Nischal Basnet arrived, Shree Disappeared from the set. Same time Nischal’s fan a girl, who is a theater actor comes to him and start to talk. When they get sticky, Swastima arrives, a fan of Nischal is also a fan of Swastima , she request to take a picture with Swastima but she ignores and they start fighting.

Shree Gurung – Nischal Basnet’s friend
Inesha Bhattarai – Huge Fan
Neharika Dahal – Fan’s friend
Aayush Sharma – Fan’s boyfriend
Sudharsan Khadka – Swastima’s cousin
Subu Adhikari – Swastima’s friend
Ananta Paudel – Camera